Cleaning and Maintenance of Fresh air make-up units (FAMUs) and Fan-coil units (FCUs)

Palma |  Vilnova

FAMU’s: Fresh air inlet areas and supply ducts are cleaned. Filters are replaced. All internal surfaces of the units are cleaned and disinfected; areas of corrosion are treated. Fans are dismounted for cleaning; worn bearings can be changed. Cooling coils and drip-trays are washed and checked for leakages.

FCU’s: The units are either removed for cleaning, or, where this is not possible, they can be cleaned in situ. The units are cleaned and disinfected as for the FAMU units and the areas in which they are installed are also cleaned. Flexible ducting from the units is replaced where access permits or can be successfully cleaned by rotary brushing with detergent to remove any mould accumulations. Cabin outlet plenums are cleaned and disinfected.

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